Wednesday, October 23, 2013


In the Internet there are many ways to earn money. And one of the most popular and available for beginners option is to earnings by writing articles. The essence of it is fairly simple.

If you know how to competently and just Express your thoughts on paper on a specific topic (e.g. business, medicine, Finance etc), this skill you can monetize, selling texts interested persons - in this case, your clients or customers.
Find buyers for your articles simply - it is a long time already established specialized exchange of articles, where copywriters (people who write texts), can place their articles on sale. If your article has an adequate price and its subjects in demand, an article must buy.

The most popular exchange of articles, where you can register as an author or buyer: Адвего, TextSale.

Earnings on sale of articles varies greatly from what the average price you put on their work. On average, per 1000 characters unique text beginners copywriters take from 50 cents to a dollar and higher. That is, if the size of a regular article 1500-2000 characters, the author can receive about 1-2 dollars. This, of course, a little bit, but, if to write 10-15 articles daily income will be comparable with the wages in the small town and even to exceed it.